People working 136m from Fukushima reactor 1

I was watching the tepco webcam situatuated near the fukushima plants that went into meltdown not long after march 11th 2011 and was absoluteley amazed and mezmerised by 5 people working near the site. I had a look on google earth and discovered that they were only actually 136 metres from the number 1 reactor.

Now, i understand that the problem has to be fixed, not just for Japan, but for the whole world. If this never stops, then surely mankind will, but i wonder how these people feel working for their country to save the world? Do they feel proud? Do they feel obligation? These people, from how i understand radiation and what it does for you, will most certainly die and possibly a very horrible painful death, but still they persist to fix it……..I must say that i do have great respect for these people, they have courage beyond my wildest dreams. they should be immortalised for who becomes left of humanity to see.

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