Woman falls from cliff while posing for photo at end of virus lockdown

Original Story news.com.au May 1 2020

A woman fell 35 meters to her death while posing near the edge of a cliff for a photo to celebrate the end of a coronavirus lockdown.

Olesya Suspitsyna, 31, originally from Kazakhstan, was killed on a at the popular Duden Park in the city of Antalya, Turkey, on Sunday.

It is a spot loved by tourists who describe it as the “perfect place to take selfies”.

She and a friend reportedly went for a walk at the site, known for its dramatic scenery and waterfalls, following the end of a stay-at-home order in the city, The Sun reports.

Turkey now have more than 115,000 cases of the coronavirus – the seventh highest in the world – and has recorded 3,081 deaths.

Measures introduced to stop its spread have included curfews, the mandatory wearing of face masks, and restrictions on movement between different regions.

During the walk, Oleysa climbed over a safety fence to pose for a photograph with the park’s waterfalls in the background.

While posing for the picture, she slipped on the grass and fell 115 feet (35 metres) down the cliff.

Oleysa’s friend called emergency services and her body was later pulled from the water by local responders, but she could not be revived.

Her relatives told local media that Turkish police had investigated the case and concluded it was an accident.

Olesya had lived in Antalya while working as a tour guide for the last five years.

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