Welcome to Vicious World

Welcome to viciousworld.com

This is ‘the place” to see all of the things that this world has to offer. It may be sad, funny , scary or just a bit of information you may need or want to know. Never the less it is  a vicious world out there,  so you better hang on to your seat as the ride may get bumpy!! (oh yeah)

The idea of this site is to be a condensed version of worldwide events that i personally deem to be important in passing on the information to anyone who wants to know. This may even be from unreported items that i have researched myself or from other blog and sources around the net. As there is currently lots of media blackouts in regards to many many things, this i think is important in passing on.

Topics may cover : radiation, help, people, food, things to look at, things to do, things not to do, things not to eat, things to remove radiation, money, conspiracy theories and information.

It may be represented in video, text links or thoughts of  what i think.

Please read the legal section of my site, and understand that i have this site so we can all see what is going on is this world.


“It’s a vicious world out there” – Sean

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