US report says China developing EMP

From The Taipei Times  – Story by William Lowther July 24th 2011

A newly declassified US intelligence report claims that China is developing electromagnetic pulse (EMP) weapons for use in a future conflict with Taiwan.

EMP weapons can be used to emit a huge pulse of electromagnetic radiation that can knock out all electronics — particularly computers — over a widespread area.

The privately run National Security Archive in Washington has released the report, which was produced in 2005 by the US National Ground Intelligence Center.

The report speculates that Beijing might be trying to develop a capability to incapacitate Taiwan electronically without triggering a US nuclear retaliation.

Analysts believe that China could be planning to cause a massive low-altitude EMP burst over Taiwan in such a way that it would severely damage electronics in Taiwan — disabling weapons systems — but kill few people and not impact China.

The archive has gained access to a total of 2,300 US declassified intelligence papers, which it is making available under the title US Intelligence and China: Collection, Analysis and Covert Action.

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