Teenager accidentally chops up genitals experimenting with sex

Original story from World Daily News August 16, 2018

A teenage boy from Polk County in Missouri was transported to the hospital this afternoon after a sexual experience involving a kitchen blender went horribly wrong.

16-year old Brian Johnson was apparently alone in his parents’ house and decided to engage in sexual intercourse with various objects around the residence.

He admitted to having sex with a toaster, a vacuum cleaner, and an old video recorder, as well as a dozen other items.

This strange sexual orgy could have continued for hours, but it was suddenly interrupted by a terrible accident.

The young man had his genitals inside the electric blender and he accidentally hit one of the appliance’s button, activating it.

He was instantly emasculated by the rotating blade and his genitals were reduced to shreds in a matter of seconds.

The young man was severely bleeding and he barely managed to call 911 before he lost consciousness. Fortunately for him, paramedics arrived on the site in a matter of minutes and he was rapidly transported to the hospital.

According to Jeremy Morane, one of the paramedics who transported the teenager, the quantity of blood on the scene was a testimony to the violence of the accident.

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