Teen kills herself in front of parents

Original story from The UK Sun December 2, 2016

A TEEN shot herself in front of her family after she was driven to suicide by “relentless cyber-bullying.”

Brandy Vela, 18, from Texas City, US, sent a final text to her devastated loved ones, which read: “I love you so much just remember that please and I’m so sorry for everything.”

As her parents and grandparents rushed to see what was wrong, they found her standing in her bedroom and could do nothing as she shot herself in front of them.

Her older sister, Jackie told Houston News: “I heard someone crying so I ran upstairs and I looked in her room and she’s against the wall and she has a gun and she’s just crying and crying and I’m like, ‘Brandy please don’t, Brandy no.'”

She said her father cried out “help me, help me” after Brandy fired the shot.

She died in hospital on Tuesday hours after she had tried to kill herself.

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