Steam pours out of fukushima reactor

Three months after the fukushima disaster has begun, large amount of steam engulfing the whole of the nuclear reactor site. As you will see in this video footage from the tepco webcam which was on the 14th of june 2011.

Watch the video here


As you will see at about 2 mins into the video a large amount of steam starts to cover the entire complex and blow very quickly in a northerly direction. Also you can see there is an immense amount of heat associated with this steam.

If you understand how big the reactors are at fukushima, then i guess you will understand just how much steam is coming out of these reactors at this given point, let alone the rest of the time we don’t see it.

Now, call it co-incedence or whatever but now i have seen on the Australian radar map on the bom site a large swirl coming from the south…..a really big one.

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