Original story 16 Feb 2021

A story about a fella, that was cooking a BBQ. Amazing really…….

Here is the story in it’s full glory, taken of course, from an Australian site.

The Story :

A Melbourne man cooking a sausage sizzle has bizarrely lashed out at a journalist who asked what he was doing outside during Victoria’s strict five-day lockdown.

A Channel Seven camera crew approached the man as he made himself dinner at a public barbecue in a park on Monday.

Under the state’s draconian stage-four restrictions, Victorians can only leave the house for one of four reasons – for essential shopping, work, care-giving or to exercise for two hours a day.

And so it goes :

‘You do realise there’s a lockdown,’ the reporter asked the man as he held out a microphone in front of him on an extendable boom arm. 

‘Mmm these snags are going to be good as,’ the man responded before suddenly slapping the microphone on the ground………….

‘You do realise there’s a lockdown,’ the reporter asked the man…..

Obviously the reporter doesn’t realise that there is a lockdown – Even though he is asking “the man with the beard the same question, who is breaking lockdown regulations by :

  • Cooking food outdoors in the fresh air
  • With one other person with him (probably his flat mate)
  • For his dinner, or lunch.

I think this type of thing, in a sense could be deemed essential, as a man needs to eat, and eat well in Australia.

Whether it be a nice juicy, T-Bone steak, or a couple of snags on the bbq with a few sliced spuds to make into chips.

It really doesn’t matter…….You gotta eat.

This man was not in a crowd, he was in the open air and he was feeding himself and his mate!!!

On the other hand, the “reporter” was wandering around “policing” the neighborhood “for the good of mankind.”

So was this fella cooking a few snags really doing anything wrong?

Yeh nah.

Was the reporter in breach of covid rule?

Fucken’ oath………….