Russian state-owned nuclear company offers help to TEPCO with Fukushima plant

Original story by Faith Aquino from Japan and Daily Press September 25, 2013

As TEPCO seems open to foreign assistance, with its adviser a former director of the US Nuclear Regulatory Commission at the Three Mile Island, Russia is once again offering help to resolve problems bombarding the defunct Fukushima nuclear power plant. According to a unit head of Rusatom, a state-owned nuclear company in Russia, they are hoping to cooperate with Fukushima operator Tokyo Electric Power Co.

Rosatom Overseas General Director Djomart Aliyev said that they can take advantage of their experience in managing the Chernobylmeltdown, which caused greater damages compared to Fukushima Daiichi. “As TEPCO has not made all the information open, we cannot find solutions immediately,” said Aliyev, urging TEPCO to accept their offer of help. “If we cooperate, however, we may produce good results.”

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