Radiation workers get £80 a day

By Justin McCurry in Iwaki-Yumoto guardian.co.uk,

Hundreds of inexperienced contractors at the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear plant are working in searing heat and high radiation levels for as little as 10,000 yen (£80) a day or $128.790 USD or $121.177 AUD.
As Japan succumbs to a heatwave, the plant’s operator, Tokyo Electric Power (Tepco), has moved to address rising concerns over the health of almost 3,000 workers battling to bring its stricken reactors under control.

So far, about 9,000 workers have been involved in the four-month operation to stabilise the Fukushima nuclear plant, where three of six reactors suffered meltdown after it was struck by a 15-metre (49ft) tsunami on 11 March.

Nine people, all employees of Tepco, have been exposed to radiation levels exceeding the maximum annual limit of 250 millisieverts. But the longer the crisis drags on, the more the firm will have to depend on hundreds of small subcontractors who hire inexperienced labourers to perform the dirtiest jobs on one of the most hazardous industrial sites on earth.

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