Parliament man drinks radioactive water?

TOKYO – A Japanese parliament member demonstrated on TV that the Fukushima water filtration system is working and the once radioactive water is safe enough to drink.

A visible nervous Secretary Yasuhiro Sonoda, took a sip from a glass allegedly containing filtered Fukushima water, on national TV to ensure residents the filtered water is safe to drink.

Sonoda’s water drinking stunt resulted from continuous pressure by journalists who demanded the Secretary of State showed real proof the areas surrounding the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear plant are indeed safe.

He added that the best thing to do is to keep residents informed.

The water that Yasuhiro Sonoda took a sip from was used to cool down the reactors and turbines and is filtered at a local factory. Once ‘disinfected’ the water is pumped back into the cooling system. In effect, the water that Sonoda drank is not intended for public consumption.

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