Nuclear power is safe……Yeah right.

Video Uploaded by  on Jul 2, 2011

A nuclear specialist who is employed in the field of nuclear reactors and radiation, has said on camera that nuclear power is the safest operating power source in the world – compared to other power sources. Now i agree that there is problems with burning coal, including increased carbon monoxide, methane and so on, but  of course if something happens like fukushima (which he says has very low emmissions while operating under normal circumstances) nuclear plants, surely pose a higher risk than other sources or power. After all, caesium (which has a half life of 30.17 years) and strontium (which has a half life of 28.90 years) are being released into the atmosphere amongst all of the other radioactive elements which are floating around which we are consuming in food and breathing in – Sorry but i don’t believe this blokes speel about how safe nuclear is. He must be paid a lot of money or just so blind he can’t see past the wool over his eyes.

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