Lights out

I find it interesting that there is an event that represents the whole of the environment. In one day.

Actually one night.

That’s 12 hours. One day a year.

Have a look.

Lights out for the reef 2014

Now it’s really nice and all and fair enough to “observe and celebrate¬†Earth Hour” but, shouldn’t we be observing this fact every day of our lives?


Shouldn’t we try to conserve and keep the place we live on for as long as possible?

The world is a massive spinning planet, inhabited by a race that uses every possible resource, and then put back the waste of that resource wherever they want, which is usually the rivers, sea, air, soil or in space.

We need to reduce our use now everyday, not turn our lights off once a year to save the reef.

Reducing everything you consume and use – not just lights you use. This is what makes a difference.


Think about it.

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