Legal stuff

Legal stuff

Just thought i would mention, that in a legal sense i have no affilation with anything or any one.

I am not a terrorist, nor do i wish to bring down the worlds systems.

This is a website and forum for outspoken thoughts about world wide events and can be or could be vicious in nature. There is no intent to misrepresent or offend anyone, and the basis of this website is for information that i wish to pass on to anyone who may want to listen.

I want to pass on information to anyone who seeks it. Information about the world which i personally deem valid and  important information.

I therefore do not accept any responsibility or liability for anything that occurs from comments or events on this website.

Many of the post you will see on this site are perhaps “copied and pasted” to a certain extent. But i still have my views, and i am trying to condense all of the information on world events that are valid and of importance to me onto this one website so people can learn and be informed.

I have no monetary value attached to myself via this website, except for the fact that i pay for the domain name that resolves to this address.


“It will come to an end, I feel it in my bones and my gut. I just don’t know when”  Sean.  May 2011.