Japanese residents plea for help

Fukushima residents are only being evacuated now on a case by case basis – if their house is sufficiently radioactive, they  can recieve government support in their evacuation.  If not, they are on their own.

It’s so sad to watch these people plea for their lives with the Japanese Government doing nothing to help them.

It’s a disgrace and dis-service to these people to allow them to live right in the middle of  the Fukushima radiation, with their children right by their side.

Not only that, but they are now “decontaminating” the areas by digging up the soil and removing it, but the residents (Parents and children) are still living in their houses while this goes on. If the soil is contaminated, so is the dust that is floating around. they can’t help but breath it in……

There are still currently 150,000 residents living in this area.

Please help any way you can.

Watch the video here

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