Japan Nuclear Fallout Reached San Francisco Bay Area

Original story from www.thirdage.com by Roberta Seldon on September 23, 2011

Traces of nuclear fallout from Japan’s damaged nuclear reactor were detected around the San Francisco Bay area, scientists tell HealthDay News.

According to HealthDay, scientists say the levels of radioactive fallout are so low they pose no health risks to residents.

Researchers sampled rainwater in Berkeley, Oakland and Albany, Calif. from March 16 to 26, and vegetables and milk sold in the San Francisco Bay area, and weeds from the Oakland area.

The samples of rainwater, weeds and foods contained higher-than-normal levels of radioactive materials, and testing showed “clear evidence of [nuclear] fission products,” the researchers reported. Levels of radioactivity appeared to peak on March 24 before returning back to normal, they added.

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