Has Trump been Trumped?

The Editorial Team January 8 2021

Looking recently at the media and the events unfolding, it seems that Donald Trump has been put in a very uncomfortable position.

He has over the last 4 years or so, gained a following of people who trust him with all of their might, and will defend what he has to say and what he does.

They obviously love him a lot.

Given the events of the Capitol riots in the last few days, it seems that this devotion has been turned around on him and perhaps has bitten him on the bum.

It’s a bit like telling your mother you are going outside with your friends to play, and when you get out there you are smoking a cigarette around the corner – Your mother walks around the corner and catches you, but you insist and tell her that you were not in fact smoking but you were holding it for your friend who will be back in a minute.

Obviously she doesn’t believe you and tells you that its bad for your health etc, etc, and she doesn’t want to see it again.

There is no convincing in the world where you could back out of this or get out of it no- matter how much you plea, you will always be in the wrong.

Donald trump is in this boat right now.

Not that Donald trump is dealing with his mother here at the moment, but you get my drift.

Apparently he did one of many things :

  • Encouraged a group of people to perform violent acts based on the lie that the voting system was fraudulent and the results were untrue.
  • Created rallies where people could congregate and egg each other on with these apparent facts.
  • Left these group to their own devices and did not attempt to control them.

After the fact he is now facing the music and showing an amount of regret perhaps to show his concern and rhetoric of the whole situation, but i think if you dig a little further, you may find that he has been “set-up”

Under the American constitution of law in regards to protests and marches Amdt1. Protests and Marches under the first amendment states :

Peaceful picketing may be enjoined if it is associated with violence and intimidation.5

Amdt1. Protests and Marches

The term enjoined means to prohibit or forbid. So therefore, if a march or protest becomes violent or intimidating, then the police or armed forces can legally prohibit or forbid the people causing the behavior from the protest or march if they have the means to do so.

And obviously Donald Trump being a legal man and also The President of the United States of America, would understand these rules and surely would not incite acts of violence towards anyone or encourage it.

This is evident in his speech before this all began.

This would be rather stupid on his behalf to incite, and i do not think that Donald Trump is a stupid man – In fact i think he is a very smart man.

So therefore – Was he setup? Were the people that were smashing windows and breaking things inside the Capitol building really part of the group that were his true followers?

Or were they part of a team to conspire against Trump and bring him down based on the media’s impact on the world and the control it has on each and persons ability to see the truth.

I think that Donald Trumps video (On Twitter) after the riot, shows that he has been stabbed in the back and now is back-pedaling like there is no tomorrow.

He did not shit in his own bed, someone shit in it for him, and then stated he had done it himself. Now you have to find the truth – Or follow the media.

I have a few items of interest to back up this up, and if you dig a little deeper you may see the cracks yourself.

The next 14 days will be an interesting time and whether anymore riots come as the 20th of January comes closer, will be interesting to see.

As i said above with Donald – He does not encourage violence and never has, the media and fake news play with words and peoples lives.

They put lies out there in the masses, and because it is so prevalent – people believe it.

Capitol Riots Jan 2021

The section of the speech from Trump that made them riot? (Incited)

I know that everyone here will soon be marching over to the Capitol building to peacefully and patriotically make your voices heard.

Donald Trump

This Reminds me of the “Actors” in the WWF series – If you look at the way the cops are reacting to the “offenders” pushing the fence down? And the cops are punching people? WTF? Don’t cops have guns in America? Whats up with that shit? A few of them look a little dosy as well then all of a sudden they all turn and run!!!

Vicious World

Antifa May well have been in on this as I am seeing it a lot around on the net.

VIcious World

Pence’s Aid shot the woman that was killed in the Capitol riot. That’s pretty evident from the footage.

Vicious World