Fukushima 5.3 Magnitude Earthquake Caused By Super Volcano Tamu Massif Freak Nuclear Eruption

Original story from The national report September 20, 2013

Fukushima nuclear waste has set off the powerhouse volcano Tamu Massif. The super volcano resides only thousands of miles east of Japan and rests directly beneath the dreaded Fukushima death plume.

As previously predicted by our scientific experts, the tons of radioactive waste have sent the volcano into a freak, premature eruption. This caused the 5.3 Magnitude earthquake that ravished Fukushima again today.

Scientists are waiting it out but claim the prognosis looks grim. As stated in a previous news report when Tamu Massif was first discovered:

“As unsuppressed irradiated waste seeps into the volcano Tamu Massif, it is feared that the combination of volatile chemicals will ignite a violent eruption. If said eruption were to occur, it would result in a massive underwater explosion sending toxic debris flying in all directions of the Earth. The fallout would also result in gigantic radioactive tsunamis, earthquakes and enormous casualties in marine life. This catastrophic event could permanently alter ecosystems and contaminate the ocean rendering it permanently uninhabitable.”

Speculation is now becoming a reality as the 5.3 magnitude earthquake ravishes Japan.

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