Fort Fukushima, Nebraska, flooding and pumping

From Hawaii news daily written by By  July 11, 2011

The Omaha Public Power District has said that, as of today, they are trying to replace the punctured aqua dam that they said they didn’t need anyway but now they do because the water really IS going to flood the plant.

If you have ever played with water toys you can imagine how much fun it will be trying to fill a 2,000 foot-long innertube in 7 feet of running Missouri river water.

And do you remember the COOPER nuclear plant just down the river? There is a lot of talk lately about levees about to break.

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BLAIR, Neb. — The Omaha Public Power District has installed a new barrier around its Fort Calhoun nuclear power plant and is now pumping out Missouri River floodwaters.

OPPD installed the new 8-foot-tall, water-filled barrier around the plant to replace a similar one that failed two weeks ago after a worker inadvertently punctured it with a bobcat.

OPPD pumped out about half the water behind the new barrier Sunday. It will continue pumping to create a dry area around the plant to make it easier for workers to get around.

Both OPPD and federal regulators have said Fort Calhoun is safe even without this barrier. Officials say all the key areas of the plant have stayed dry inside.

The plant will remain shut down until after floodwaters subside in the fall.


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