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World in danger – Arnie Gunderson

Original post from July 29, 2016 How does the Fukushima Daiichi meltdown disaster show the enormous risk potential for the continued operation of the Diablo Canyon atomic reactor? Filmed by Ecological Options Network (EON) at…

An insult to the pacific – Arnie Gunderson

Original story from July 9, 2015 Arnie Gunderson talks about the radiation problem still going on in the pacific ocean. Doesn’t look good. worth the watch. Click here to watch the video

Japanese fast-food chain to farm in Fukushima

Original story from Bangkok Post 1 October, 2013 Major Japanese fast-food chain Yoshinoya said Tuesday it would grow rice and vegetables in Fukushima prefecture, home to the nuclear plant that was crippled by a tsunami…