Aria top 50!! Saweetie (feat. Doja Cat)

Original story Editorial Team 14 February 2021

Saweetie - Best friend

This morning I was listening to the Aria top 50 track listing and I tell ya, it’s pretty shitty.

Full of boring as bat shit songs.

All of the songs sound very similar, and focus on money/eliteness and sex.

Money, expensive cars and homes, bling and sex.

Oh and I forgot you have to say “Fuck” a lot in your song. Fuck you, fuck me, fuck this, fuck that……And on and on it goes……….

Yeah. Shout out to all you fuckers promoting un-reality.

Y’all gotta get a brain or at least a new producer.

Some of these songs were stolen from other songs (Sampled or just plain stolen the melodies) and the songs in my opinion do not show creativity in any way. The samples used are no more than 4 bars, usually used for the whole song. The drum beats are all the same as well…………

I am sure if you put a computer in front of anyone who knows how to use a mouse and garage band, they could come up with something similar, or probably better. It really wouldn’t take much effort.

There is a few exceptions to the rule, but not many.

A song that stood out for me was the song was “Best friend” by Saweetie (feat Doja cat) and my goodness me – What a gem it is!!!

Now, I am not a prude or reserved by any measure but this song takes the cake!!

So let me give you my opinion this “song”.

  • The women (girls) are wearing, well not much.
  • While dancing around like entitled whores.
  • Singing about how rich and entitled they are.
  • The music is a loop. (A really boring one)
  • The girls are rapping and do not by any means sing.

Messages of this song would be :

  • Glam and sex is the way to present yourself.
  • I can do whatever I want, whenever I want, I have it all and you can’t stop me, so fuck off.
  • Look at me flaunt my shit.
  • Don’t touch me you fucking sleaze.

I am not sure who this song is marketed to, but i am hoping it’s not little girls who want to be like these women and are aspiring to be as “Hip” as Saweetie.

And if it is aimed at young women, then good luck with that. You act like this in public and you aint going no-where fast girl. And if you do, the attention you get isn’t going to be what you requested, unless of course you are a whore – Then go your hardest.

If it is aimed at boys and men, then ya know – I wouldn’t touch you with my friends dick – let alone my own. Ewwwww.

Y’all just looking like some cheap skanky whores who can’t sing.

Change my my mind