Angry Japanese farmers say radiation poison is in their animals

Original story from June 20, 2014

Angry farmers from Fukushima brought a large cow to the center of Tokyo Friday to demand¬†Japan‘s government investigate a disease they say cattle have developed since the nuclear disaster three years ago.

Operators of nonprofit “Kibo no Bokujo,” or “Farm of Hope,” delivered a full-size black cow to the front of the agriculture ministry to demand an investigation into why it and many other animals have developed white dots on their skin since reactors went into meltdown after the earthquake and tsunami of March 2011.

The farm is located only 14 kilometers (nine miles) from the nuclear plant and is keeping some 350 cows that were abandoned in the area when their owners had to evacuate because of radiation contamination.

“Our cows cannot be shipped as meat. They are evidence of lives affected by radiation,” said Masami Yoshizawa, leader of the farm, in front of the ministry, as his supporters and media looked on.

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