2-year-old dies after shooting himself

Original story USA Today 22 January, 2015

TARPON SPRINGS, Florida. — A 2-year-old boy died hours after he shot himself in the chest Wednesday.

Police said the toddler, identified as Kaleb, found a .380-caliber weapon that belonged to his father in the family vehicle and fatally shot himself.

According to authorities, the family was getting ready to leave home in the father’s car about shortly before 5 p.m., when Kaleb got into the vehicle, where the gun was in the glove box.

“Two and a half-year-old Kaleb was able to get a gun, turn the gun to his chest, pull the trigger and shoot and kill himself,” said Pinellas County Sheriff Bob Gualtieri.

The boy’s father, Kevin Ahle, heard the gunshot, turned around and saw the wound, Gualtieri said. The father called for help, someone called 911, the mother and an aunt started CPR, and then EMS arrived and took Kaleb to the hospital.

As investigators processed the scene, police said the incident is a stark reminder for gun safety. There was no lock on the gun.

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