Possible 142,378kg of caesium tainted beef in Japan?

Well. I can’t say in other posts I didn’t warn you, but FFS this is getting ridiculous. Cows eating hay, straw rice and grass from around the Fukushima area and outside the 20km zone, have been found to have caesium throughout their meat. AGAIN. This amount is calculated (by me) and based on the average meat a cow has usable as “meat” after processing shown in this story of how many head of cattle have been found to be possibly contaminated after processing, which is at this point 554 in total.

Being humans, of course – we eat meat due to popular consensus that it is something we need in our diets. But alas, since we are at the top of the food chain, we digest what any other animal we consume has eaten.

Antibiotics, GM modifications and of course radioactive isotopes such as caesium. All of which are really bad for our bodies, but someone somewhere along the line doesn’t care and wants to make money.

They have to make money, that’s pretty obvious.

Let me ask. If you buy radioactive beef, take it home, cook it in a stew, eat it then discover it has caesium in it – Will the shop you bought it from give you a refund on the “tainted” product? They may do, but I suggest that life and living healthily is way more important than money.

Once caesium is in you, you’re not going to get it out……not in a million years.  Maybe even in 2.3 million or more………

Try to get a refund on that.



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